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2019 AGM Minutes




(The meeting began at 1715)

1. Presentation of Trophies

The Trophies were presented by the President, Stuart MacKerrell and Captain, Phil Keen. The Captain also announced the winners of the DMVGA Emerton-Court which was played at Churston Golf Club on 16 October. The winners were Staddon Heights beating Dainton Park with the last putt on the last hole.

2. Apologies for Absence

Tim Douglas- Riley – Yelverton; Keith Jillard – Sparkwell; Derek Mott – Libbaton; Gordon Lomas – Churston; Cliff Partridge – Exeter; Ray Gunston – Sidmouth; Dave Darch – Portmore; Peter Stuckey – Tiverton; John Leonard – Okehampton; Nigel Taylor – Elfordleigh; Mike Brailey – E. Devon; Graham Sandford – Staddon Heights; Bob McDermott – RND; Ron Screech – Libbaton; Philip Webb – Ilfracombe; Stuart Dark – Ilfracombe.

3. Minutes of the 48th AGM

The approval of the minutes was proposed by Ken Todd – Woodbury and seconded by Malcolm Tester – Teignmouth. The minutes were approved.

4. Matters Arising

There were no matter arising.

5. Captain’s Report

The Captain’s Report can be found here.

6. Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s report can be found here.

7. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report can be found here.

The accounts were presented to the members present. There were no outstanding queries and the approval of the accounts was proposed by Charles Wray – Fingle Glen and seconded by Chris Henderson – Tavistock. The accounts were approved unanimously.

8. Revised Rules of the Association

The proposed changes to the rules of the association were discussed. There were no questions from the floor. Acceptance of the proposed revisions were proposed by Ken Todd (Woodbury) and David Grieve (Tiverton) and seconded by Peter Barraud (Wrangaton). The revisions were agreed unanimously.

9. Election of Committee for 2020

(a)  Election of President
Bob Small was the sole Candidate for this position. He was proposed by Richard Walker – Staddon Heights and seconded by Barry Goff – Bovey Castle. Bob Small was elected to the post of President unanimously. Bob Small gave a short(ish) acceptance speech (see attached).

(b)  Election of Officers 
The following were proposed by Bob Small, Tavistock and seconded by Charles Wray, Fingle Glen:
Captain– Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton); Vice-Captain – Tim Douglas-Riley (Yelverton); Secretary – Les Hartley (Tiverton); Assistant Secretary – Chris Henderson (Tavistock); Treasurer – David Bromage (Sidmouth); IT Officer – Adrian Granville-Smith (Saunton); Rules Officer – David Grieve (Tiverton). All were elected en-bloc unanimously.

10. Election of Members

Brian Gliddon (Holsworthy), Malcolm Tester (Teignmouth). Charles Wray (Fingle Glen) and Harvie Taylor (Stover) were proposed by Bob Small (Tavistock) and seconded by Richard Walker (Staddon Heights) all of the candidates were elected unanimously.

11. Election of Auditors

The Treasurer pointed out that the proposed Auditors, David Roberts and Terry Blackler of Sidmouth had been our Auditors for the past 5 years and had been effective. Continuing with the current Auditors was proposed by Phil Keen – East Devon and seconded by David Bromage – Sidmouth. The proposal was carried unanimously.

12. AOB

(a)  The 50th Anniversary Dinner. The incoming President, Bob Small, gave a presentation about the arrangements for the dinner which will take place at Exeter Golf Club on Friday the 30th of October 2020. The President of England Golf had accepted an invitation. Invitations had been sent to our colleagues in Kent and Cornwall as well as the Lady Veterans. Other invitations to various luminaries had been sent out. A speaker, Professor Purdie, has been confirmed. He would only require travelling expenses and a “generous donation” to a worthy cause. The Committee has agreed that a donation of £500 would be appropriate. The worthy cause is yet to be agreed.

(b)  Kent Away Match 2020. The team for this match is well on its way to being filled and a message will be sent to Reps in due course seeking the additional players needed.

(c)  Slow Play. This is a very emotive subject. The number of complaints about slow play does not diminish. The Committee has been discussing the options to try to speed up play. We have agreed that we would ensure a buggy was available at every competition which would enable members of the committee to get out on the course and monitor play. Slow players will be “persuaded” to make every effort to catch-up with the players ahead. In addition, the committee has decided to ask all players to note their finishing time on their score cards – this will enable us to monitor the pace of play over a period of time to ascertain more clearly where problems lie.

(d)  Payment for Competitions. Despite the clear instructions on the entry forms which state that payment MUST be made at least 7 days before the start of a competition, a number of members still do not pay in time. There has, for some time, been a clear threat of sanction if payment is not received by the due date. There is no excuse for late payment and therefore the committee will take appropriate strong action in 2020 if required.

12. Presentation of Ribbons

The outgoing President and Captain presented the ribbons of office to the Incoming President and Captain.

The incoming Captain, Adrian Granville-Smith, thanked all of the Executive Committee and Representatives for their hard work during the past year and looked forward to working with everyone in 2020. He continued by saying that next year all of the competition forms will be available on the website for downloading. The website would be updated. Finally, the incoming President thanked everyone present for electing him.

(There being no further business the meeting was declared closed by the President at 1815).



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