2019 Treasurer's Report


(I am now standing here one year into my retirement as your Treasurer, and somehow it feels like nothing has changed!!    and there is a distinct probability I shall be saying the same thing again in twelve months time. However, there is a candidate in the frame for 2021 so you will not have to put up with me for ever and ever!! )

The Report is based on information available as of this last Monday, which excludes numerous O/S Invoices and Match /Competition Fees.

The Columns in Blue represent the actual figures on account and the columns in Red show Income and Expenditure anticipated covering the present year. I have not included monies that will be received by November to cover the 2020 E.C.

Summarising the Income in the Blue column, Membership is slightly up on 2018, and sales of merchandise considerably increased by some £400 for which your appreciation should go to Malcolm Tester. The amount against Disbursements of £425 reflects a change in procedure from previous years where the then Secretary had received two annual payments. Les has preferred Quarterly Payments, hence a refund was received from him.

The Income from Matches and Competitions fluctuated as normal. Hosting Kent bore the increase of some £300.Income from the recent ladies match of £256 has not as yet come through the system. Some Competitions were more popular than others but overall Income was pretty well even to 2018. There is £176 outstanding from entries to today’s event. Which brings me once again to the continual irritation of late payment for Competitions? The Rules clearly state that fees are due a maximum of ONE week before the Competition date. Increasingly it seems that payment ‘on the day’ is acceptable, it is NOT. It is demanding enough organising and arranging events that the Secretary should not have to chase Reps and Individuals for entry fees, coupled with the frustration it causes to myself keeping accounts up to date.

Income for the Winter Series has increased as a result of higher entry numbers and, of course, includes the income for the two events beginning of 2020.

Summary of Expenditure, Clothing costs are down £500 – 2018 included the new Ties. A further £630 will be added to Vouchers to cover the two pre year end events and Logo Balls, on order. will add £540, which will bring the overall cost similar to 2018. The increase in Committee Travel Expenses is a reflection of the number of meetings held rising from two to six, and the increasing need to manage the Association in time and effort. Costs for the Competitions have been acceptable, however there is an outstanding Invoice for the Summer event (est. at £2,750.00) and, of course for today’s event est. at £1,300.00. There are three other events to cover before the year end – the postponed EC Final (est. £650) and two Winter Series events (est. £2,550.00).

There remains Merchandise Stock in Hand of £2,800, plus the Logo Balls on order. The Bank Balance as of the 7th October stood at £16,975, so it is envisaged that by the year end the balance will be very similar to that at Year End 2018, approx £9,3-400.

With the 50th Anniversary Celebrations being organised for next year, it is most likely this will be considerably eroded; your support and understanding will be very much appreciated.

I conclude this Report and offer it to be adopted by the Meeting.

Thank You

David Bromage

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