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Emerton-Court Rules



1. The Emerton-Court Trophy shall be competed for annually on a knock-out basis. The winners will receive the Emerton-Court Trophy which they will hold for one year and the runners-up will receive the Harold Lee Memorial Plate also held for one year.

2. By 30th November each Club affiliated to Devon Golf Ltd may, on payment of the appropriate entry fee to the DMVGA  Secretary, enter one team into the competition for the following year. The team will consist of ten players and two reserves.

3.i.       Each player must be registered by his Club DMVGA Representative with the Secretary as a member of the Association before 1st March of the playing year. The registration must include payment of the annual DMVGA subscription and the player’s CDH ID number.

ii.      The draw for the Emerton-Court Trophy will take place at the DMVGA Executive Committee Meeting held in early January, and will be published to all competing teams immediately following the Meeting.

4.i.       In the spirit in which Gordon Emerton-Court started this competition all players selected to play in the competition must be ACTIVE members of their Home Club’s Veteran or Senior section, by which is meant:-

  • That they have played in a minimum of three competitions either in formats acceptable for handicap purposes under the World Handicap System (WHS) ie individual strokeplay competitions or in inter-club matches, or a combination of both, all within the Veteran/Senior Section of their present Home Club in the preceding twelve months i.e. 1st March of the preceding year to 28th/29th February of the current year.
  •  Emerton-Court matches played within that twelve months cannot be considered as qualifying for the minimum three competitions.
  • That all players must possess a WHS Handicap Index maximum 28.
  • These qualifications are to be positively endorsed by the DMVGA Representative of their Club.

ii.      Each player must be of amateur status as defined by the R&A and be a full or five day member of his designated Home Club.

iii.     Players shall represent only their Home Club in the competition, their Home Club being the one responsible for maintaining their Handicap Index.

iv.      New members of a Club’s Veteran/Senior section will only be eligible to play in the Emerton-Court Trophy when they have achieved competition qualification status with that Club, as listed above.

5. Playing conditions:-

i.       Matches up to the final are to be played on a “Home and Away” basis over eighteen holes from the Yellow Tees which should be as close as possible to the Yellow Plates.

ii.      The top Club in each match will play at home first.

iii.     The arrangement of playing the matches, by the stated date, is the responsibility of the Clubs concerned.

iv.      The home Club should ideally offer and allow up to twelve players from the visiting Club a courtesy practice round prior to the agreed match date.

v.       The format will be four-ball better ball matchplay with handicap allowance for calculating the Playing Handicap as stated in the WHS Rules of Handicapping (Rule 6 and Appendix C) ie 90% of Course Handicap. The rounded Course Handicap is to be used (CONGU Guidance 15.9.2020). Confirmatory evidence of players’ Handicap Indexes, eg on an app, must be available on the day.

vi.      The order of play shall be based on the combined handicap indexes of each pair with the lowest in match one etc. If the combined handicap indexes are equal the Team Captain will determine the order of play and Team Captains will exchange team sheets before play commences. The reserves’ match should always be played last.

vii.     The visiting club will always be accorded the ’honour’ on the first tee by the host Club.

viii.    The use of a buggy, on courses where they are allowed, is restricted to players having a relevant medical condition verified by a medical certificate,  which must be shown to the opposing Captain.   No other player may ride on the buggy or have their Clubs carried on it.

6. If an overall match score is level after the second leg, the respective Team Captains must send out their first pairing to play sudden-death match play without delay, commencing at the first hole until a result is achieved. This method will also apply to the Emerton-Court final.

7. If play is suspended for any reason, the teams will either resume play on the same day or replay the match on a new date to be agreed. Teams will not be restricted to the players who took part in the discontinued match.

8. Any breach of these Rules and Conditions or of the Rules of Golf may cause the players or team concerned to be disqualified, irrespective of the stage reached in the competition.

9. In the event of any dispute the following procedures apply:

i.        The two Clubs involved should attempt mutually to resolve any disagreement between them at Club level.

ii.       If the dispute cannot be settled at Club level, the DMVGA Secretary will, on emailed receipt of the full details of the dispute, consult with the DMVGA Captain and/or DMVGA Officers to resolve the matter.

iii.      The playing of the second leg should not be delayed pending a decision following any dispute arising from the first leg.

iv.      In the event of a Club being disqualified during the course of the competition, the last Club eliminated by the transgressors will be reinstated forthwith, or if part way through a match, the current opponents go through to the next round.

v.       In any dispute, the decision taken by the Officers of the DMVGA will be final.

 10. Results of all matches must be notified as soon as possible via the Emerton-Court Results page on this website HERE, which will then be automatically transmitted to the Co-Ordinator and to the Secretary .

11. The Emerton-Court Trophy final, consisting of one round of eighteen holes, will be played on a neutral course and the teams of ten players plus two reserves will play four-ball better ball matchplay. The Captains of the two teams will toss a coin to decide who has the ‘honour’ on the first tee. The DMVGA will provide a match referee for the final. Following the final there will be a meal provided by the DMVGA for the two teams, the reserves and non-playing Captains. The Trophy will then be presented.

This is not a Rule but a clarification in the event of a reserve being needed.


After the match order has been agreed by the two captains only the designated reserve players can be substituted for an absent, missing or injured player and the match order agreed will not be changed with regards to handicap totals. The reserve player simply deputises for the absent, missing or injured player and the necessary handicap adjustments made to that match. Once all 5 pairs have teed off there is no further permitted substitution. It is therefore recommended that the reserve pair DO NOT go out before the selected 5 match pairs.

The above clarification does not mean that a Captain has to replace an absent, missing or injured player with a  reserve and he may if he so wishes elect to wait for the eventual arrival of the absent/missing or injured player in accordance with with the Rules of Golf 23.4 ( see below) in which case a reserve will no longer be allowed for that absent/missing  or injured player.

Rule 23.4 says that in Matchplay -Before Any Player in Match Starts Hole  If the partner arrives only after any player on either side  in the match has started play of a hole, that partner is not allowed to play for the side until the next hole. An arriving partner who is not allowed to play on a hole may still give advice or help to the other partner and take actions for the other partner on that hole (see rules 23.5a and 23.5b


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