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Emerton-Court Winners


Presented in 1975 by our founder Gordon Emerton-Court, and played for from 1976 onwards, for an inter-Club four ball better ball matchplay competition, of five pairs per side, between DMVGA member Clubs. Initially, matches were one-off games on the “home team’s” course or on a neutral course as agreed between the two Clubs with the final being on a neutral course (traditionally Churston as it was Gordon Emerton-Court’s home Club). Nowadays, each round up to the final is played on a home and away basis with the overall score after both games determining the winner. The final is always played on a neutral course over 18 holes and currently Churston remains the traditional venue. The winning Club receive the Trophy (an old fashioned pewter measuring mug from the Emerton-Court family on a wooden stand made by Gordon Emerton-Court himself) which they keep for one year and the individual players each receive an Engraved Glass.


Year Golf Club
Year Golf Club
1976, East Devon
1998, Churston
1977, Tiverton
1999, Ilfracombe
1978, Tiverton
2000, Teignmouth
1979, Stover
2001, Saunton
1980, Saunton
2002, Saunton
1981, East Devon
2003, Tiverton
1982, Saunton
2004, Saunton
1983, Yelverton
2005, Yelverton
1984, East Devon
2006, Yelverton
1985, East Devon
2007, Torquay
1986, Teignmouth
2008, Royal North Devon
1987, Saunton
2009, Churston
1988, Saunton
2010, Royal North Devon
1989, Sidmouth
2011, Saunton
1990, Saunton
2012, Tiverton
1991, Ilfracombe
2013, Libbaton
1992, Saunton
2014, Staddon Heights
1993, Exeter
2015, Elfordleigh
1994, Dartmouth
2016, Staddon Heights
1995, Sidmouth
2017, Dartmouth
1996, East Devon
2018, Churston
2019, Staddon Heights

Not Played


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