It was not my intention to send out monthly Newsletters but a couple of issues have come to pass
worthy of comment so please read on….

In my January Newsletter I made reference to the possibility of the appointment of an Assistant Treasurer to the Association; I’m now able to report that this appointment has come to pass and I’m delighted to let you know that Malcolm Toone from Thurlestone has taken up this post – Malcolm is also the Thurlestone DMVGA Rep.  Malcolm will, initially, be working with David Bromage, our Treasurer, to learn and fully understand the various workings of the Association and, we hope, will then in the fullness of time take over the role of Treasurer. Malcolm will be ably assisted by his wife Julie – both are very IT literate and very well versed in accounting, so we have two for the price of one! With David now into his 13th year as Treasurer, this appointment is very timely and we welcome both Malcolm, and his wife Julie, into the fold.

Earlier this month you will all have received an email from Malcolm Tester with regard to the rising costs of staging our normal competitions.  One of the very basic tenets of the Association has always been to ‘Provide quality golfing opportunities at quality venues at an affordable price’ – this remains to be, and will always remain to be, the case.   However, as we’re all aware, the cost of living including the cost of golf is rising all the time fuelled by the highest inflation rate for years.   Please be assured that your Committee is, indeed, committed to finding the very best balance it can, so as to continue to meet its own primary objective.   We shall be very interested in the answers to the questions Malcolm posed in his email, so please canvas your members and send a summary of your answers back to Malcolm  by the 11th March.

Finally, and a non-golfing matter, some of you will be aware that in November I was diagnosed with bowel cancer; I’m able to report that a couple of weeks ago I had an operation at RD&E, which went very well.  I’m now back at home recuperating and, all being well, able to resume a perfectly normal life in a few weeks’ time. However, since I was diagnosed by the normal screening process, I have met or talked with a surprisingly large number of people who, being over 60, have ignored thearrival of the screening kit putting it to one side to be joined by subsequent kits.  If not detected early on, the cancer will spread to other vital organs at which point it becomes far more difficult to treat if not impossible – let alone taking up far more NHS time and resources than should be the case.   As an Association which, obviously, enjoys the large county wide membership of over 60 year olds, PLEASE may I encourage you all to participate in the screening process.    It’s vital to your wellbeing and is, in fact, potentially life-saving.

Bob Small - President DMVGA
February 2022


At the Reps Meeting in November I intimated that I would start writing irregular ‘newsletters’ that would be circulated,
in the first instance to all Reps, who will I hope then send on to all their members. Despite the advent of the IT age,
a new website and regular updates from varying members of the Committee, it seems that communication, in a
general sense, is still much valued. So, in an effort to achieve this and, in so doing, meet part of my own objective of
greater communication within the Association, I submit my ramblings to you.

Now we’re into the New Year and let’s hope that everything is going to begin to pick up again. With the new COVID
variant now considered to be much more transmissible but much less virulent perhaps it might be a blessing in
disguise in that we may be developing the so called ‘herd immunity’. What do I know about these things? No more
than anyone else but I’m just trying to put a positive spin on events!

So, where are we? My very first task must be to welcome our incoming Captain Tim Douglas-Riley from Yelverton.
Tim, I’m sure, will very much put his own mark on the Association in his year as Captain. To learn more about your
Captain go to ‘News’ on the website where a brief summary of his professional and golfing life is posted. Tim’s
Vice-Captain, David Bromage from Sidmouth, is made of the ‘rock of ages’; David is now into his 13th year as
Treasurer and has served the Association most faithfully in all of that time. No one in the whole Association more
deserves this accolade, and then the Captaincy which will follow in 2023, than David Bromage. Welcome to you
both and please enjoy your terms in office.

The Winter Series is half way through and, presently, xyz are leading with x points but xyz and xyz are not far behind
and then any number of other clubs are taking close order as we approach the next round at Holsworthy on
Wednesday 23rd March. Chris Henderson will be looking out for your team nominations in the next few weeks for
both Holsworthy and Tiverton. And, talking of Chris Henderson, our thanks go to him for his ongoing organisation
of this competition - the boy done well!

The draw for the DMVGA Emerton-Court Trophy has been carried out, earlier than usual, and you’ll all know by now
who your first opponents are; please ensure that every effort is made to fix the dates of those first round matches as
soon as possible and that communication with your possible next round opponents is ongoing. Malcolm Tester,
who organises both the Emerton-Court and other competitions, has a very full organisational diary and really
appreciates your attention to these matters - it makes his life a whole lot easier. Thank you Malcolm!

The Club Reps will obviously know this but, in November, we had a Reps Meeting to remind them all of existing
procedures and introduce and discuss new procedures. We have a number of new or relatively new Reps and it was
a very good opportunity to meet with them and for them to be able to talk with other Reps and discuss common issues.
Reps are the most important people within the Association; without them the organisation just could not function so
they need your support. Please be sure to let them know all the information they ask of you and ensure that you enter
your names for competitions in good time: they can’t think for you!! My thanks go to all Reps wherever you are.

Of course, a good part of the Reps Meeting was taken up with IT matters -specifically the new website and the
demands of the WHS on that system. Our IT Officer and past Captain, Adrian Granville-Smith, spent a good deal of
time and effort with IG (Intelligent Golf) who developed our new website. Inevitably there were some teething problems;
these particularly came to note at competitions where some of the club shot indices did not match with England Golf’s
(or IG’s) shot indices. Extraordinary really that it should be the DMVGA that brought these matters to light. We have also received a number of negative comments about the WHS system and the 95%, 90%, 85%, or even 75% rulings; these
rulings are of course nothing to do with the Association as such but are made from ‘on high’ and are rulings to which
we must adhere. I understand that WHS are, or will be, reviewing their rulings in due course - whether this will include
changes to these percentage rulings we don’t know. With his role as Captain now in the past, Adrian will be able to concentrate his efforts on his other continuing role as IT Officer - thank you and well done Adrian.

In my initial visits to clubs around the county it has become clear that a stand-alone competition for the over 75
age group would be welcomed. Reacting to this suggestion your Committee has decided to change the format for the Millennium Trophy; it will still remain a 3 man team but all should be over 75 and there will now be no need for clubs to nominate a specific competition for qualification purposes.  I hope that clubs will support this new venture.

It’s the time of year when memberships should be updated; so please let your Reps know in good time if you want
to renew your membership or indeed join the Association. The membership fee has risen from £3.00 to £5.00 this year!
The reasons for the increase are posted under ‘News’ on the website. The final list of members must be submitted to
Chris Henderson by, or on, 28th February; the players listed in this Reps’ submission are eligible to play in the DMVGA Emerton-Court Trophy. Members re-joining, or new people joining, after this date are not eligible to play in the
Emerton-Court Trophy but are very welcome to play in all our other competitions and matches during the year.

My reference to David Bromage, our Treasurer, a little earlier brings another point to mind. For some while now we
have been looking for an Assistant Treasurer; David, as we know, is now into his 13th year and, whilst he is more than
happy to continue at present, inevitably a time will come when he will wish to stand down. As of the time of writing it
appears that we may have someone who will take on the post of Assistant Treasurer in the near future; this is a very
welcome development and we really hope that it comes to pass as David will also have the posts of Vice-Captain
and the Captain to fulfil. More details on this development will be published in due course as and when, hopefully,
the appointment is confirmed.

So, with this potential good news item, I shall close this Newsletter and in so doing wish you all a safe and happy new
golfing year.

Bob Small - President DMVGA

January 2022

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