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It has been a while since the last Newsletter for which I apologise as, sadly, life got in the way but I’m now in a far better position to correspond with you all. As you all know the AGM is upcoming next Monday 10th October. I welcome the changes to the itinerary of the day with a shotgun start in the morning followed by lunch then the presentation of prizes and the AGM in the afternoon; this should enable everybody to drive home safely in daylight – always to be welcomed. Varying members are ‘fighting shy’ of admitting it was their idea so it must have been a Committee decision! Another departure from the norm is that the draw for the DMVGA Emerton-Court Trophy will now be made at the AGM; this will give Reps and Emerton-Court Captains even more time to make the necessary arrangements for their fixtures next year. Continuing on the Emerton-Court Trophy theme, the congratulations of the Committee are offered to Downes Crediton for emerging as winners with the final group winning their game 2/1. For Downes Crediton it was their second appearance in the final of this, the most prestigious DMVGA event, when in 1996 when they collected the Harold Lee Memorial Trophy as the losing finalists. Portmore are to be congratulated also on making the final for the first time and which was played in the very best of the traditions of our sport. Earlier in the year we reported that Malcolm Toone (Thurlestone) was going to be, initially, working with David Bromage, our present Treasurer, to learn and fully understand the various workings of the Association with a view to taking over the role as Treasurer in due course. Malcolm, with his wife Julie, now fully conversant with the Association’s workings has indeed taken on the full role of Treasurer. David Bromage has served the Association faithfully as Treasurer for 13 years. He has worked with three Secretaries - Bob Keating, myself and Les Hartley – keeping us all on the straight and narrow whilst helping to bring us into a ‘new age’. His advice and quiet council was always invaluable to myself and, I’m sure, for the others. Thank you David for all the years of work and companionship – you’re now free to enjoy your year as Captain which is richly deserved! Malcolm Toone takes over the role as Treasurer at the most testing of times. We all recognise that, economically, things are changing daily - if not hourly! Malcolm will, with others on the Committee, be looking very carefully at costs for next year (and for 2024) and how this will affect entry fees to our competitions. It may be unavoidable that some entry fees will increase but we will do everything in our power to make these as palatable as possible to all our members. Following the success of the last Reps’ meeting we are now considering staging the next meeting. This will be subject to discussion at the AGM in terms of which month may be most suitable – pre Christmas or in the new year. A while ago Malcolm Tester circulated all Reps with regard to the Millennium Trophy and the new format; Malcolm asked that Reps should consult with their membership as appropriate and report back to Malcolm with their findings. Malcolm has received a number of replies but would appreciate answers from all Reps – so please can those who have yet to rely do so as soon as possible. Thank you. The Winter Series starts again on Friday 14th October at Exeter G. & C.C. Chris Henderson has implemented a slight change in the format to allow for more players to participate which is laudable. It will thus become more important than ever that speed of play is maintained so that all teams are back in the clubhouse before the light fails; this will not be so important at Exeter as the clocks will not have ‘gone back’ by then, but the remaining fixtures will most certainly be subject to reduced daylight hours. In the meantime a big thank you to Chris for once again organising the Winter Series – a competition which has proved to be very popular. Finally, an update on donations to our Ukraine appeal which has now reached £920.50 + 20% Gift Aid. The collection box will be present at the AGM and the Winter Series.


Bob Small - President DMVGA October 2022

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